barari; meaning "wilderness" has come about
from the greening the desert legacy.
About Us
Barari; meaning “wilderness” has come about from the greening the desert legacy of the founding president of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. With the Barari philosophy having a deep-rooted history in the appreciation of nature, we continually conserve and manage forests and wildlife using state-of-the-art technology to maintain our reputation as a company that promotes the historical, physiological and cultural value of the natural environment.

To be a role model company on regional level in forest management, conservation of wildlife, landscape and management of other natural resources, most admired for its high performance and commitment to safety and environmental sustainability.

Management of forest, Wildlife, Landscape and other natural resources by applying the appropriate technologies and best practices; while adopting a client strategic partnership approach to maintain sustainable environment and socio-economic development.
We take pride in our values as a company as we strive for success.
honesty & integrity
Barari’s leadership places a high premium on certifications that abide by
international standards and guidelines.
ISO 14001:2004
ISO 18001:2007
security & safety
ISO 9001:2008
quality management system
our mandate
Barari is committed to Forest Management, Wildlife Management and to the sustainable development of the country's natural resources as we manage, operate, maintain, and develop identified forests, gardens and infrastructure, ultimately contributing to the era of sustainable environmental management in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.
Our fleet of vehicles and equipment's are crucial to the smooth running of operations in the company. Barari's fleet of vehicles and equipment includes large numbers of motorcycles, light vehicles, heavy vehicles, and light equipment such as trucks, buses, recovery vehicles, excavators, dumpers and graders. Through our well-maintained workshops, we ensure a close management of our fleet for minimum downtime in the event of a breakdown. In turn, this lowers costs and increases the equipment's' working life. The Workshops include separate units for mechanical, electrical, light and heavy equipment, vehicles, fabrication and construction.
Barari boasts a range of 400 forests and reserves containing 12 million forestry trees including ghaf, arak, sider, and samar. The forests spread over 200,000 hectares in Abu Dhabi with more than 51,000 km of protective fencing.
Barari boasts a diverse range of clients across various industries