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“Barari” Forest Management Company is providing unique services to preserve wildlife in the UAE
Tuesday, 6th March 2018
“Barari” devotes all its potentials and efforts to develop the technological solutions for the objectives of sustainability, green transformation and biodiversity across the State
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, … March 2018: Based on its pioneering role in wildlife conservation across the UAE, “Barari” exerts great efforts to apply the objectives of sustainability, green transformation and biodiversity, depending on its superior potentials and fruitful cooperation with various state bodies and institutions. As well as providing a range of scientific solutions and services to preserve the environment for future generation.
“Barari” has inspired its perspective on wildlife form one of the most important legacies of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who spared no effort to preserve the environment for the prosperity and well- being of the future generations. And in line with its benevolent approach, “Barari” devotes all its potentials and efforts to develop of the most sophisticated technological solutions in the world for the objectives of sustainability and green transformation, which support the biodiversity and wildlife across the UAE.
“Barari” offers all necessary care methods for organisms in all aspects of habitats management, veterinary care, management of bird hunting, pest control, ecological interventions and genetic optimization of different wild animals. As the Company is currently conserving and managing about 65.000 type of animals and organisms. In addition to more than 50.000 of wild birds, most of which are endangered species, and which can be found within many of the islands and wildlife reserves across the State. Thanks to the distinctive management, “Barari” has contributed to doubling the numbers of those animals and birds. In addition, it is currently providing various scientific and biological laboratory solutions and advanced veterinary research, depending on the elite team of veterinarians and biologi

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