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Barari participates in the Afforestation and Environmental Awareness Campaign for School Students
Wednesday, 20th September 2017
The Environmental Vision of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 2030 is a framework and fixed methodology of the Company

Barari, the UAE's leading forest management and afforestation company, has participated- as part of its effective community role- with ADNOC schools and Abu Dhabi City Municipality in the one-day afforestation campaign in ADNOC schools, which aims to plant and afforest the school to preserve the environment and raise awareness among students about the importance of agriculture and its value in our life. As this comes in line with the role of the Barari Company in documenting the genius of the late founding father of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, in transforming the land of the UAE from desert to green meadows. As well as through the Company’s belief in the importance of Abu Dhabi Environmental Vision 2030, which is based on several key axes, including the monitoring of quality of air and seawater and assessment of wild biodiversity; along with enhancing the regulatory role of Abu Dhabi Environment Agency to preserve the environment.
Mr. Ahmed Alblooki said, "The campaign aims to highlight the foundations of collective and volunteer work among schools students and engage them in environmental projects. As well as increasing the awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and instilling the culture of cooperation and integration with the environment. Furthermore, supporting our active participation in making the Abu Dhabi 2030 Environmental Vision a comprehensive political and legal framework for environmental sustainability across the Emirate. As well as an integral part of the overall agenda of the Government of Abu Dhabi, Which includes economic, environmental and social development programs that will lead the Emirate towards achieving sustainable development over the next 20 years.”
The one-day campaign covered many events and activities, including short lectures for students on the importance of afforest

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