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“Barari” Participates in Recovery Campaign to remove wastes at Abu Dhabi Island
Sunday, 20th August 2017
“Barari” has recently participated in the recovery campaign launched by Abu Dhabi City Municipality to remove wastes at Abu Dhabi Island. The efforts of “Barari” have focused on Abu Dhabi Corniche and Al Bateen Area.
The campaign continued for a week during the period from 3-11 August 2017, the emergency operations room was assigned to Al Bateen Municipality Center that works on 24-hour shifts basis, with the aim of following up all the campaign’s works. “Barari” participated in the campaign with a teamwork of 734 employees that included normal workers, palm trees workers, supervisors, drivers and engineers. In addition to vehicles, equipment and machinery required for the fulfilment of the campaign’s endeavors.
“Barari” works included the removal of palm trees and dead trees, various palm trees works, fruits picking, waste collection and transportation, green areas gardening works and crushing plant wastes. The size of the wastes resulting from the recovery campaign, within the sites managed by Barari Company, has reached about 4,200 cubic meters.
Mr. Ahmed Alblooki, CEO of “Barari”, said, “We are very happy about the trust granted to us by Abu Dhabi City Municipality within the framework of constant efforts to develop and enhance the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. As well as promoting the methods of sustainability and preservation of environment through increasing the number of green areas with the aim of decorating the city and creating a natural dimension across the highly vivid city.”
Alblooki added, “in view of our great responsibility towards propelling the sustainability wheel and development of green environmental systems, we have participated in the recovery campaign at Abu Dhabi Island through offering the best expertise of Barari Company to fulfil the mission, which proved success with no barriers. We aim to increase collaboration, during the next juncture, with Abu Dhabi City Municipality in order to upgrade and develop serv

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